Born: Metro Manila, Philippines, 1985



2013-2017            The Art Students League of New York, NY

2003-2005          University of the Philippines, Quezon City, Philippines

1999-2003           Ateneo de Manila High School, Quezon City, Philippines

1990-1999            Xavier Grade School, San Juan, Philippines


Awards and Honors

2016                       The Philippine National Book Award

2008                       Finalist, The Philippines’ Free Press Literary Award

2007                       2nd Prize, Neil Gaiman Philippine Graphic/Fiction Award

2006                       Featured, Top 50 Achievers, Meg Magazine

2005                       Featured, 22 Avant-Guardians, Philippine Daily Inquirer

2002                       Grand Prize, Likha Comics Making Contest


Comics Publications

2015                       Kare-Kare Komiks, Anino Comics

2015                       "Enlightener", Slaying the Dragon, Art Students League Comics

2014                       Kare-Kare Komiks Platter, self-published

2014                       “Upo”, Alternative Alamat, Visprint Inc.

2013                       “Cat’s in the Cradle”, Dark Horse Presents 21, Dark Horse Comics

2013                       “Manila 2064”, Pinoy Komiks Anthology, BigUglyRobot Press

2012                       Susy and Geno Comics 1-4, Mead Johnson Company

2011                       “SUPERMAKER”, TS 2.0, Top Shelf Productions

2011                       “Can’t Escape Progress!”, Xavier School Magazine

2010                       “The Love Eaters”, Playboy Philippines June 2010

2010                       “Secret Houses”, The Philippine 24-hour Comic Book Challenge

2010                       “Lines and Spaces”, Neil Gaiman Presents The Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards Anthology, Sketchbooks Inc.

2009                       “Pericos Tao”, HIVE THREE, Grimalkin Press

2009                       “Xia”, FCBD The Ancient Age, Wide Awake Press

2009                       “Memorial”, TS 2.0, Top Shelf Productions

2009                       “The Life of a Komiks Artist”, TS 2.0, Top Shelf Productions

2008                       “What the Cigarette Said”, TS 2.0, Top Shelf Productions

2008                       “The Legend of Caraboy”, No Formula: Stories from the Chemistry Set, Desperado Publishing

2008                       “GRINWIT”, No Formula: Stories from the Chemistry Set, Desperado Publishing

2008                       “Crisis in the Kingdom of Color”, Kare-Kare Komiks, The Chemistry Set

2008                       “White”, Kare-Kare Komiks, The Chemistry Set

2007                       “Two Tiny Things”, Kare-Kare Komiks, The Chemistry Set

2007                       “The Dog, the Cat and the Giant Squid”, Kare-Kare Komiks, The Chemistry Set

2007                       “Act of Choice”, Kare-Kare Komiks, The Chemistry Set

2007                       “Mang Tomas the Story Hunter”, Kare-Kare Komiks, The Chemistry Set

206                         “What Will You Bring?”, Warren Ellis’ The Engine Forums

2006                       “Secret Heart”, Warren Ellis’ The Engine Forums

2006                       Funky Munky Komiks, self-published

2006-2011                RAN Online Sunday Strip, 001-204, The Philippine Star

2006-2007             Bakemono High 3-10, K-Zone Magazine

2006-2007             Kid Continuum 1-7, K-Zone Magazine

2005                       “Under the Influence”, K.I.A., Alamat Comics

2005                       “Yaya Kadabra, Magical Caregiver”, Project: Hero, Questventures

2005                       “1935 Batangas”, Siglo: Passion, Kestrel/Nautilus Books

2003                       “1904 Jolo”, Siglo: Freedom, Kestrel/Nautilus Books

2003                       “2004 Manila”, Siglo: Freedom, Kestrel/Nautilus Books

2002                       “Two-Color Truth Theatre”, FCBD OST: Original Story Theatre, Nautilus Press

2001                       Subwhere, self-published

2001                       The Germinator, self-published

1999                       “Moo Moo, The Ghostly Cow”, The Philippine Daily Inquirer


Illustrations and Book Covers

2016                       The Mystery on 17th Street by Annie Gorra, Anvil Publishing

2015                       A Field Guide to the Roads of Manila by Dean Francis Alfar, Anvil Publishing

2014                       Wonderlust by Nikki Alfar, Anvil Publishing

2013                       Now, Then and Elsewhen by Nikki Alfar, UST Press

2013                       Motherhood Statements, edited by Rica Bolipata-Santos, Anvil Publishing

2013                       Mouths to Speak, Voices to Sing by Kenneth Yu, Flipreads Inc.

2013                       Isabelo’s Archive by Resil B. Mojares, Anvil Publishing

2013                       Fish-hair Woman by Merlinda Bobis, Anvil Publishing

2012                       Turning Points: Women in Transit, edited by Rhona Lopa-Macasaet, Anvil Publishing

2012                       Simianology by Scott Garceau, Anvil Publishing

2011                       Ang Higanteng Maramot, edited by Danton Remoto, Anvil Publishing

2011                       Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Ghosts by Jaime T. Licauco, Anvil Publishing

2011                       The Philippines in ASEAN by M.C. Abad Jr., Anvil Publishing

2011                       The Secret of the Cave and Other Stories by Ed Maranana, Anvil Publishing

2011                       100 KISLAP by Abdon M. Balde Jr., Anvil Publishing

2009                       Searching for Balance, edited by Pacita Icasiano-Habana, Anvil Publishing

2009                       Understanding the Law, Empowering the Artist by Nicolas Pichay, Anvil Publishing

2009                       America’s Dim Mak Points by Victor N Corpus, Anvil Publishing

2008                       Waking the Dead and Other Stories by Yvette Tan, Anvil Publishing

2008                       A Time for Dragons, edited by Vincent Michael Simbulan, Anvil Publishing

2008                       Ninoy: Art and Essays, edited by Jiggy Aquino-Cruz, Justin Benigno Aquino Cruz

2007                       The Kite of Stars and Other Stories by Dean Francis Alfar, Anvil Publishing

Short Fiction

2016                       "The Last God of Cavite", Philippine Speculative Fiction Vol. 10, Kestrel DDM

2015                       “Gravity”, Fast Food Fiction, Anvil Publishing

2013                       “Gago’s Got Your Back”, Horror: Filipino Fiction for Young Adults, University of the Philippines Press

2013                       “Freeborn in the City of Fallacies”, Philippine Speculative Fiction Vol. 8, Kestrel DDM

2012                       “The Secret Origin of Spin-Man”, The Apex Book of World SF 2, Apex Publications

2012                       “Two Women Worth Watching”, Lauriat: A Filipino-Chinese Speculative Fiction Anthology, Lethe Press

2012                       “The Little Things the Datu Did”, Philippine Speculative Fiction Vol. 7, Kestrel DDM

2011                       “Strange Adventures in Procreation”, Philippine Speculative Fiction Vol. 6, Kestrel

2010                       “A Game of Quam”, Philippine Speculative Fiction Vol. 5, Kestrel

2007                       “Noche Buena”, The Digest of Philippine Genre Stories Special Christmas Issue

2007                       “Peekli”, Philippine Speculative Fiction Vol. 3, Kestrel

2007                       “Happening”, The Philippines’ Free Press January 2013

2006                       “Thriller”, Philippine Genre Stories Digest Issue 1

2006                       “How Saint Miko and I Ruined the Apocalypse”, Philippine Speculative Fiction Vol. 2, Kestrel

2005                       “Tendresse”, Philippine Speculative Fiction Vol. 1, Kestrel

2001                       Subwhere, self-published



2014                       #FAST: The Cooler Lumpur Festival: Featured Speaker – The Graphic Novel Writing Presentation

2006                       Ateneo de Manila Alternative Class Learning Program: Guest Speaker – Why Comics?

2004                       Nautilus Books Comics Seminars: Guest Speaker – Making Comics